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We are already almost into February! Are you working your way toward wellness or are you working your way toward illness? Are you meeting the goals and expectations you set out for yourself this year or have you already stopped? If this is the time you are realizing you have less energy, you've gained weight from last year, or you've stopped routines you had in place before March, now is the time to start working your way toward mental and physical wellness again! What small changes can you make today and the rest of this week to make it happen?

Studies are showing the open goals are actually more achievable than specific ones that can set us up to feel like we've failed when if fact we've actually improved from where we were to start with. What are your goals? If you haven't done so already, write them down. According to The Conversation, make it open ended and exploratory like "I would like to see how long I can go following my fitness program or I would like to see how many days I can go following healthier eating." How are you going to get there? What steps do you need to make to allow it to happen?

If you goal is healthier eating, maybe getting rid of the food in your house that doesn't align with your goals. Planning a day and time to meal plan and find healthy recipes you've been wanting to try. Planning out a weekly time that you can go to the grocery store to purchase the items you need, so you won't be grabbing something quick on the way home from work. Once at the grocery store, try to focus on selecting items from the outside areas where there is less processed foods.

If your goal is to get on a regular exercise routine, map out consistent time for it and put it in your calendar so nothing else can be scheduled over top of it. This is a meeting with yourself and you have to show up for it! If you aren't a morning person and you are trying to work out at 4:30am, you probably won't stick with it. Find a time that works for you 3-5 times per week and stick with it. Find a fitness activity you enjoy doing. If you are someone who hasn't exercised in a long time, an activity like swimming laps is easy on the joints and great for your back as well. Music is a great way to keep you motivated. Download a playlist of your favorite songs that keep you going and you will look forward to getting to hear those during your workout. Find an accountability partner! If now isn't a time you can work out with a friend, you can still keep each other accountable by sharing what you did for your workout in a text message, social media, or even over the phone.

If your goal is to improve your mental health, start with basic affirmations. Adding too much too quickly can be difficult if you are already feeling stressed. Add in daily mediation. Apps like Headspace and Calm allow you to set up daily reminders to meditate each day. They also offer guided meditation, so if you are new to it, it walks you through the process.

If your goal is more energy, improving your sleep hygiene may be a great place to start. Do you go to bed at the same time every night? Do you have a routine that helps you ease into your bed time to help support your body's natural circadian rhythm? Do you take a break from blue light from computers, phones, or tv screens at lease

We are here to help you reach your goals! Whether its getting out of pain so you can do more exercise, jump starting a healthier eating plan with a detox, adding in supplements or teas to promote emotional wellbeing, or helping you find fitness that matches your needs and goals, let us know how we can help you be well this year!

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