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Chiropractic for newborns

It it is never too early to have your infant adjusted! We use gentle techniques that apply no more pressure than testing the ripeness of fruit. Young infants are adjusted using light finger tip contact. Typically this means that there will be no audible "popping" sound. Many infants are so relaxed during their appointment that they sleep through their visit or yawn or stretch while being adjusted. Many parents bring infants in for care due to the potential for having stresses on the body during the labor and delivery process. Some studies indicate that as many as 94% of infants have "subluxations" or misalignments at birth.  Alignment problems may cause trouble with head shaping, nursing or feeding, digestion, fussiness, or sleep disturbance. Many parents bring infants in for evaluation of subluxation when they have breathing issues, colic, ear infections, allergies, torticollis, tongue-ties, favoring one side while nursing or sitting in the car seat, constipation. 

Chiropractic for older infants

Once babies have good head control, we typically use a toggle headpiece that gently aligns the joints of the cervical spine and drop pieces on the table for the lower back and sacrum. As infants pull themselves to standing and have frequent tumbles and falls, subluxation or misalignments can occur. Older infants commonly present for evaluation of subluxation when parents notice trouble with crawling symmetrically, meeting developmental milestones, or constipation.

Chiropractic for older children and teens

We commonly see children due to injury from daily activities, posture, and sports injuries. We typically use the Activator adjusting instrument until the age of around 10 when the joints of the cervical spine are more developed and then we begin using Diversified, also known as manual adjusting using the hands.  Many parents bring children in for evaluation of subluxation, misaligments of the joints, after falls, sprains and strains, scoliosis, pain from wearing backpacks, neck pain from texting and using other electronics, and headaches.

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