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New Patients at Lake Wissota Family Chiropractic

mom holding baby in waiting roomWelcome to our practice! We want you to feel comfortable during your visit, so please wear what you usually wear to the clinic; there’s no need for specific attire. Please remember to bring your insurance card if you have one.

We ask that you save time by booking your appointment online and completing the necessary paperwork before your visit. If you prefer to complete these tasks in our office, we recommend arriving about 10 minutes before your appointment.


Enhancing Your Onboarding Process

During your first visit, we’ll conduct a comprehensive examination, including a posture exam, range of motion exam, and, if needed, neurological and orthopedic exams. We’ll also perform a scan to check your nervous system. Following the exams, we’ll provide adjustments and may include soft tissue work to enhance your comfort.

For adults, please allocate 45 minutes for the initial visit, ensuring thorough care and ample time for any questions or concerns you may have. We schedule a half-hour appointment for children tailored to their unique needs and comfort.

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Handling Insurance and Financial Matters

We believe in transparency, so we discuss financial matters upfront. You’ll receive a form explaining our charges at the front desk upon your arrival. Before your visit, we recommend calling your insurance provider to understand your coverage and benefits and ensure a smoother experience during your appointment.
We accept all major credit cards and health savings accounts (HSAs) for your convenience. Our practice also participates in a special discount program called Preferred Chiropractic Doctor, providing a 25% discount on all services. Please speak with a friendly staff member to learn more.

Join Us for a Healthier Tomorrow

At Lake Wissota Family Chiropractic, we’re committed to your well-being from day one. Our team offers the support you need on your journey to optimal health and wellness. Ready to schedule your first appointment? Book online or contact us today.


New Patients at Lake Wissota Family Chiropractic | (715) 720-2887