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Safe For Baby's Skin

We all know how delicate a baby's skin is, but just like with adults, many of the cosmetic products marketed for babies contain unsafe chemicals. The same database mentioned in the previous "Cosmetics Are More Than Skin Deep" blog post also rates baby skincare products.

One of the most common products used for baby is diaper rash cream. Most diaper rash creams are meant to act as a barrier against wetness, but do not actually help the skin heal if the rash is already present. Most diaper rashes are candida, which are caused by fungal growth due to diapers trapping moisture against the skin. Fungus grows in warm, moist dark places, so the creases of the legs with a wet diaper is the perfect environment. We normally have a healthy balance between candida and normal flora (beneficial bacteria) living on the surface of our bodies and in the digestive tract, but if something tips the scales and changes the microbiome, candida can proliferate. Diaper rash is more common if the infant has been on antibiotics. Antibiotics can't recognize the difference between normal flora and pathogenic bacteria, killing both and causing a surge in candida growth. Diaper rash can also be due to a poor diet high in sugar and processed, starchy foods containing white flour. For diaper rash prevention and treatment, I like Earth Mamma Organic Baby Diaper Balm. This product contains tea tree essential oil, which has anti-fungal properties, so it helps the skin heal, is soothing, and is a moisture barrier that can be used with regular diaper changes.

Another common condition in babies is skin dryness. Studies are showing many benefits of delaying bathing in babies so that the protective white vernix they are born covered in and amniotic fluid remains on baby longer. It can improve breastfeeding by imprinting the amniotic fluid on the parent's chest with skin to skin contact, help with parental bonding when they provide the bath, help decrease the passing of pathogens from hospital workers when they are always wearing gloves when touching baby, can help regulate body temperature and blood sugar and can continue to nourish the skin. Many of the products pediatricians commonly recommend contain harmful ingredients including fragrance and , which can actually cause more dryness and irritation. Coconut oil is safe and has a lot of great benefits, but sometimes doesn't always lock in enough moisture because it absorbs quickly and needs to be reapplied frequently. For skin dryness, I like Erbabviva Organic Skin Care Baby Lotion. It has a great scent because it contains mandarin and chamomile essential oils-both safe for baby. Chamomile has also been shown to help facilitate relaxation. The combination of shea butter, aloe, and cocoa butter is very hydrating and works great even with extra dry skin in the winter months.

With cooler weather, people become less concerned with sun exposure, but people can still become sunburned in the colder months. Many sunscreens contain harmful chemicals and can do more harm than good. The Environmental Working Group's researches sunscreens and comes out with a safe sunscreens list each year. For babies, I like Badger Brand SPF 30,

Do you have favorite safe cosmetic products you like for baby? Post below in the comments!

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