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Avoiding Slips and Falls

What can you do to prevent injury due to slips and falls? First make sure to walk slow and watch where you are walking and take a smaller stride. Wear boots with rubber soles, traction, and no heel. Using ice cleats or grips over the top of your boots can also make walking across icy parking lots safer. If you use a cane for mobility, use a walker instead. Canes can make you more off balance by shifting your center of gravity to one side. Instead, walkers allow you to use both hands and have a more even distribution of weight. In parking lots park as close to your destination as possible and if you are at a place of business and notice unsafe conditions, notify an employee or manager if possible. If you do suffer an injury, file a report.

Fall injuries are often complex and involve multiple body regions. Because chiropractors are able to evaluate almost all joints (jaw, shoulders, elbow, wrist, fingers, knees, toes) in addition to the joints of the spine, we can help diagnose the injury, utilize adjustments or therapies if appropriate or refer to another specialist if needed.

If you've experienced a slip or fall injury, please contact us to help decrease pain, improve range of motion to get you back to work and back to your regular daily activities.

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