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Taking care of your feet

If you think about it, your feet are undergoing pressure and stress for almost the entire day. If the bones and soft tissues of the feet become overly stressed or inflammed, pain can cause you to alter your gait (walking pattern) and also affect your posture.

Plantar fasciitis is a condition of inflammation of the soft tissues (plantar fascia) of the foot and is more common in people with flattened arches. Typically people will notice heel and arch pain and stiffness occuring in the morning. Constant pulling of the plantar fascia can also cause a heel spur to form along the calcaneus bone of the heel of the foot causing sharp heal pain.

Ballet dancers are more prone to foot pain due to bunions. Bunions occur when there is a deformity of the great toe causing redness and bulging on the inner side of the toe. This is also more common in women, who wear narrow and high-heeled shoes.

Runners are likely to also suffer heel and arch pains due to forces placed on the foot and ankle during heel strike of running. Pain may also signify problems with a stress fracture or shin splints.People, who are on their feet more than half the day and, who are standing on concrete floors during their workshift may also be at a higher risk of foot pain.

If you are experiencing foot pain,you may benefit from treatment with chiropractic manipulation of the foot and ankle as well as management with custom orthotics. Orthotics not only assist with supporting the arch, heel, and soft tissues of the feet, but may assist in imporoving posutre as well. For more information on orthotics and posture visit

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