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Vitamin D vs. Sunscreen

You already know vitamin D is synthesized when your skin is exposed to the sun, but also rays from the sun can cause burns, so is sun exposure good or bad?

Vitamin D3 plays many roles in our body. It helps with fighting infections, maintaining blood pressure and bone density, and preventing many autoimmune diseases. Unfortunately sunscreens block the UVB rays that help to create D3 and according to, these rays are most prevalent during the middle of the day when the UVA rays, that cause skin damage, are also most prevalent.

If you absolutely need to be in the sun for prolonged periods of time and can’t use clothing or hats to block the waves, sunscreen should be applied. Unfortunately many sunscreens contain chemicals that could actually increase your cancer risk. Each year the Environmental Working Group researches the safest and most effective sunscreens. For this year’s list and other sun safety tips visit

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Amy Gamerdinger Jeffers, DC, CACCP

Dr. Amy is a chiropractor in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and is Certified in Chiropractic Pediatrics by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.


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